Thursday, 23 October 2014

Sculpt Turnaround!

Using StopMotion pro I took my final sculpt and filmed it on top of a turntable, heres what happened!


First 3rd Year Project!!!! SCULPTING! :D

Returning to University has been extremely fun! being able to catch up with everyone, become challenged artistically and even learning a thing or two is always motivational!

So jumping straight to it, my first project back was to basically create a sculpt of myself! this was a project that was to get me back into the rumba rhythm that is known as my model making brief.

At the same time others on my course were learning After Effects or Flash for their projects, so being the ambitious numpty that I am I wanted to learn After Effects as well!
I would post up my tests however they are fairly boring, simple things like masking, flames, lightsabers etc BUT I did do a simple tutorial were I ran like the flash, that was pretty epic I must say. I will post that at the end :)

However back to my actual Brief! I started by looking at research of sculptures that I admire because of their style and appearance do appeal to me and of how I invision my own sculpts.