Monday, 13 July 2015

Final Major Project- Final Update


So it has been EXACTLY 2 Months since I last blogged!! which is horrendous!!!! I have been really REALLY busy with so many things near the approach of my final major deadline, BUT I am here to update everyone on what I got up to!! :D

For this post I wanted to throw up my hand-in sheets for the construction processes of my project! I don't have many nice close ups of some of the work because it was all so quick moving after build with it going on display for my exhibition, so I think for now these will give a good idea of what and how I made my puppet, props and set. 

The four sheets below depict the start of the process for the Puppet, showing techniques and processes I used from armature construction-padding out.

Continuing the process of making the puppet I had to hand-in the exact process and techniques I used while making, along with photographic evidence. Below describes and shows the processes from silicon casting- a nearly complete puppet, this was a crucial stage of the puppet, not only because of time but for cost of materials as well.

At the same time of constructing the puppet I was also making props for my set, this included a small range of tables, candle sticks and A LOT of photoframes. The main processes I would use for making a prop was out of balsa/small beads/mountboad etc and then using silicone I created a mold which I would then cast the object out in resin. below are examples of what and how I made particular props.

AS WELL AS PUPPETS AND PROPS when I got home I was constructing the set! :D using what I learnt at chuck steel I had a clear idea how I was going to construct my first full set, so once I had all my plans I hit B&Q! and again below you can find out exactly how I constructed the set :)

Hope it was not too boring but a little insightful! I have enjoyed every bit of it while also pulling my hair out! :D

Thanks! another post coming soon with what happened after hand-in! 

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