Sunday, 22 March 2015

Third Year Final Brief- Collaboration- Puppet 1

For a section of my Final brief there needs to be COLLABORATION, which is very EXCITING! :)

I luckily came across another student on my course Jason who wanted to have 2 puppets made and then animated to go into his end of year film called "Steampunk Mysteries-A Haunting At The Blindknight Manor". Looks to be an awesome piece and I can not wait to see it all put together! If you would like more details about his film here is a link to his blog, which he keeps really up to scratch with what he is doing (I don't know how he finds the time, the mans a machine!!!!!)

SO what am I doing!!!!! One of the puppets I had to make was of this crazy design from Jason a WEREWOLF MUMMY! so crazy I wanted to jump straight into it! 

I made a construction plan of how to make this beast using a simple wired armature, below is my attempts at using silver solder which was a fantastic learning experience (even if I did burn my lip, HA!) I really do not think I would go back to epoxying K&S together! along with the armature I constructed the core for the head out of balsa wood and glued it onto the k&s with epoxy as seen below :) 

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Project Development Turnarounds

Here is my turnaround for both maquettes, they are in a lit and then atmospheric environment that hopefully fully show what is within the environment and then gives it a mood.

It was important to have one turnaround displaying all the detail in the environment and another which depicts the emotion and concept of the character :)   

Also I apologise but the video quality is a little poor (I need to figure out how to import higher quality videos) :(  

Like all my projects there is a learning curve, I was really happy with its outcome compared to some of my previous work this year it stands out the most and will make sure to carry on putting a 1000% into everything I am making :) 


Project Development Continued!

For this post I want to blog my construction sheets for my previous project and then I will be posting a video of turnarounds from this project :)

to start with I constructed the Armature and worked into padding that out, details are below.....

I then fabricated both the body with fabric and constructed, sculpted and baked the hands.