Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Glammies 2013!!!!

SO between June-July last year we had our final year showcase the GLAMMIES!

Every year it is the 1st years job to do all the types of adverts and nominees gimmicks for the show, This years theme was WESTERN. So they all had to be based around cowboys, saloons etc.

This was a great time to do collaboration work, so the dream team was formed from 2D concept artists, Stop motion modellers and animators. It was to be produced in stop motion animation had to be completed within 3 weeks with around 30 seconds of animation.

My job within this team was to work along side my partner in crime HANNAH GRIFFITHS to build the set and puppets from the 2D concept artists designs and then give them to the animators to animate :)

So here is our final video for the GLAMMIES introducing best stop motion animation. Along with a few "behind the scene" snaps of the build,  our main inspiration came from creature comforts as we really wanted that style to be pulled off with plasticine:)

Animated by the cunning LAURA JONES & HANNAH EVANS

When it came to the Build we both took one character to each to make out of plasticine, then when they were done and given to animators to play with we both built the set piece by piece.

So the character I was building was the Buffalo, built on MDF board, wire, styrofoam masking tape, fimo then finally plasticine :)

Monday, 27 January 2014

1st Year Final Major

My Final major project in 1st year could have been based around anything, so naturally I had no idea what I wanted to do. From the brief I had to produce a full functioning puppet with replacement mouths, a full set of the characters environment and any props.

I decided I wanted to create a maid who cleans up after her master, who is a crazy inventor/scientist and is very messy. The era is very modern victorian, this style lead me to what is call steampunk fashion. I really loved this theme for the character and it sat really well with the look i was going for.

So here are pictures of all my preproduction and photo sheets of my finished production of the puppet and set, all except for research as there are a lot of various photos from online and I am not sure about the posting of them police just yet........ :D

This was the first actual puppet I have ever made so it was quite trial and error. Hope you like it :)

1st year Four legged and Bird project

During first year there was a project to do with the area of Four legged animals and Birds animating or designing.

For animators they had to choose a animal and bird to use and then obviously animate through 2D or Stop motion animation.

For the ones who chose to do concept work we had to characterise a animal and bird that would work well together and complement each others features. as I was stop motion doing concept design once I finished my final character design and turnarounds I had to make a sculpt of both characters which are identical to my final designs.

When making my sculpts i used MDF wood as a base, Wire as a skeleton for support, styrofoam for padding out, masking tape, plasticine to sculpt with, primer acrylic spray and acrylic paints. (i carn't seem to find the photos of my process however I do have my finished sculpt pictures) also excuse some of the miss spelling on the pages, don't know what I was doing.


Monday, 20 January 2014

Project for a Friend :)

Last year I did a small plasticine sculpt of a friends favourite Character from a movie, was only the head section though. Hope you know WHO it is! :P

1st year University projects--ANIMATING :)

So thought id post some animation that I did in 1st year at Uni, some are from the start of the year and others later.

I originally started animating in 2D, however over time I felt I wanted more hands on work. So I then went into stop motion animation and felt a lot better about my work, which then drew me to do Sculpting and set making!!!! which ill show later :)

Figurative project

Basic Bouncing Ball projects

Friday, 17 January 2014

Foundation Final Major

For my Final Major project within my specialism of Animation the Brief was we can do pretty much what we like but based around a theme/inspiration.

My inspiration came from a previous project- metamorphous, which lead me ttttttttttooooooooo Evolution! I decided to take 3 different species and do drawings which I then based on the evolutionary cycle, which changes there features due to the planets change in habitats.  HOWEVER I do not currently have the drawings yet but will upload them ASAP!!

From the drawings I ended up creating 3 different animals, using different medias. Such as sculpting in Plasticine, sewing a teddy with felt and fake fur to also using air drying clay with cardboard........

Foundation Course work!!!!!

To start off my blogging, I thought it might be good to post my previous work from my foundation course back in 2011-2012 which helped me pursue a career in stop motion model making!

I like to Think I have improved a lot since back then, so its my way of documenting my work. This being my first EVER Character Scuplt I have made!