Saturday, 29 March 2014

Collaboration- Props

So i got a chance to help make a few little props for a 3rd year Film called 'Cut From The Same Cloth" by James Carlisle, you should definitely check it out :)

Here are some photos i managed to take of the lil things i did, i ended up making some small random boxes, a door and a animatable lunch bag.


I started by measuring out 3 different sized boxes to have them vary in size, then using thin cardboard i cut each template out and used a glue gun to stick them together. 

Then I cut the boxes to have them look worn in the corners and used sand paper to rough them up a bit. 

Using a paint brush i added a lot of water to help them crease and become more distraught.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Continuing My Armature

So To update everyone on what I've been doing here, is a large/random post of my continued build of the Armature. Currently I'm still working on the Armature so heres what I've been doing :)

For the hands of my puppet they are replaceable so that i can remove them if they somehow break while animating. Also they will be cast in silicon so that i can get a nice finish on them. 

The feet were quit tricky, mainly because i wanted to have both Tie downs and magnets while being able to fix the feet firmly to the entire puppet. so below is a picture of what i came up with, and you will see the reason why a few pictures down :)

Monday, 10 March 2014

Armature Building!!!!

So to start off my new Production brief at university i wanted start with the making of my character Billy :)
So to make my puppet i need a armature made from a few key materials such as aluminium wire, copper wire, k&s, heat shrink and epoxy glue, so here is a set amount of pictures from different stages of building Billy.

So from my armature plan i started by having 2 types of k&s that can slot into one another. Then from my plan i cut each one to the desired size using a hacksaw and vice, using various files made them smoother to allow them to slot together once again. 

Saturday, 8 March 2014

2nd Year Final Major- Car Design

Another part of my brief is to design and build a vehicle, so I will be building a car to be placed in the set of the house.

2nd Year Final Major- Set design- House

For my first set I am going to build the exterior of Billy's house, so here are some of my design sheets which I will be working from.

2nd Year Final Major- Character Design

SOOOOOO here is some design sheets of my current final project, about a boy named Billy :) along with the premise which is the stroyline for my final project, however I will only be building during this project.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

2nd Year Project- Finished Character Performance

Here is my clip which was presented to the young girl who's character I re-designed, built and animated. I found the animating a real challenge, mainly because I have never fully animated a stop motion character out of my entire year group. The experience was a good one as it helped me better understand model making, and it would be nice to do it again.

Also here are some screenshots of the final Puppet and Set with all the right lighting that was needed. to create the performance. 

2nd Year Project- Production of Set

At the same time I was creating my set for the puppet to be animated in. Here are photos of my progress along with the details of materials I used.

2nd Year Project- Production of Puppet

So after the Character Production I then moved onto the building of the puppet, using many different forms of media I was able to create a full functioning animatable puppet.

Here are the details to my progress and photographs of the various stages of the puppet.

2nd Year Project

When getting back fresh after summer we had a pre production project that was quit interesting. First we were all randomly given a design done by children from St Gwladys School, and also a 11second sound clip to go with them. so this was a  4 week project to re-design the children's image into an animatable character for 2D or stop motion, along with making a performance from the sound clip.

So here is the original image drawn by Ffion Postians

And here is my Basic process for developing the character, in the end I did not want to change much of the character as I wanted to stay true to the original.