Friday, 17 July 2015

End of Third Year at USW

The last 2 months have been GREAT!!!!! I had been organising the End of Year Show, finishing off my final major project and handing it in, having my end of year show, going to Annecy for the international animation festival, moving home & Graduating!!!! "pphhheewww I am needing a little break now" :P

So after the easter holidays and it being 4 weeks until deadline I along with two others were tasked with organising our end of year showcase for the entire animation division.......... It was an up hill task along with doing my final major, but the team was great and when we needed help from other students we got it! this helped us to have a great new USW animation showcase called 


Celebrating the 150th anniversary of alice in wonderland.

I was lucky enough to be nominated and win the best Dissertation Award on my report about "the role of Maquettes in the Contemporary Animation Industry". It turned out to be a great show with a lot of talent on show following the legacy of the Glammies. 


Since February I had been arranging for a group to go to Annecy for the international Animation festival which was just after my end of year show and before Graduation, I had arranged and booked for 14 students for the 5 day animation festival, however we were staying for 10 days! :)

I had never been to Annecy and had no idea what to expect other than viewing international peoples work from the last couple of years, IT WAS THE BEST PART OF MY 3 YEARS! I was so blown away by all the categories of animation, the Work In Progresses and feature films! SO inspirational and it was all in the beautiful city of Annecy! It had everything and MORE! 

I would need a separate post in it self to tell you everything I got to see and do (will hopefully post again about it). I already plan to go again next year! (if I have the money :P ).

After 10 amazing days in Annecy and coming back on the 22nd June it was back to reality and I had until the 30th to move out of my University house back home :( 

When I moved back home I also had a nice little redecoration project to do, I tore everything out and started again, I re painted the walls, had new carpet laid down, new light fixtures and one or two new pieces of furniture and TA DA! a room! took around two weeks but I am finally in a nice clean room :D

NOW lastly I had GRADUATION on the 9th July!!!!! As I am writing this I am a New Graduate who graduated with a 2:1 in animation and I am VERY pleased about that! :)

It was a great memorable day and I hated saying goodbye to all my Friends! HOWEVER I WILL MAKE SURE TO SEE THEM ALL AGAIN, an hopefully be lucky enough to work with a lot of them!!!

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