Saturday, 21 February 2015

Project Development!

I have been really BAD with not posting my work lately! but thankfully I can say it is because I have been doing a lot of work! from dissertation to Business to finishing this current project (which im blogging about now) and starting my FINAL MAJOR PROJECT!!!! WELP! :/

But Anyways here is a post to do with my previous project, the aim was to design a single character in two different environments and have them portray opposite emotions. This was all together a 9 week Project (including my "3 week christmas break") Which I LOVED and HATED at the same time! :P

For todays post I wanted show my Concept work from the project then in the next couple of days I will post both my build process sheets and then my Final Maquettes :)

Hope you Enjoy!!!

Here is some good old fashioned research into Character Design and Maquettes I had in mind, this helped me better visualise what I desired to create for this project.

I also did a little research into lighting for use in my work once it was completed and in the studio, I came across three point lighting which was pretty interesting to be honest! :D 


Decided to a go with a Golem Character, I really enjoyed drawing up ideas and visualising the environment I wanted to create from him. :)