Thursday, 23 April 2015

Company Research- Part 5

The last company that I am going to be blogging about is also one of my biggest inspirations, their innovation within the Industry has brought life back to the stop motion these past couple of years and it is FANTASTIC! :D  


Laika is an animation production company based in Oregan USA and it is most DEFINITELY a internationally established company, it has a great reputation for its Animated features and shorts which have been award worthy.

Making a break through in the industry by combing traditional stop motion model making with modern technology Laika came up with a new process to making interchangeable faces for their puppets, 3D Rapid Prototyping. This process incorporates 3d printing into model making and was first used on Coraline which was released in February 2009.

This film marked a new beginning for stop motion as an industry because due to the traditional puppetry and realism of the environments this was a style that the matches the present leading CG films and it is more visually unique and interesting to audiences. 

Once Laika had established this new method of making with Coraline their next two feature films blew it right out of the park! Constantly they over came obstacles, refined and polished their process all by incorporating multiple medias of animation. Without a doubt they have an AMAZING crew who are very talented and innovative!

Another key thing I love about Laika is part of keeping traditional they bring in an incredible Sculptor during pre-production who is one of my FAVOURITE maquette sculptors of all, KENT MELTON!

The Man is Awesome.

Another cheeky member of their crew who I know is GREAT! is a friend of mine Sean, he is awesome enough to have moved aaalllllll the way to america to work for Laika for a year!!!!! INREDIBLE WORK AND A GREAT ADDITION TO THEIR TEAM, I wish him all the luck! :) 

And Laika just keep getting better and better with each new feature, exploring stop motion and creating new innovative methods through their vast experience and smarts. 

They are currently working on a new feature called "Kubo and the two Strings" which I am really looking forward to seeing! the eastern setting to the story will look great and I can not wait to see the masses of intricate contraptions they come up with to make this film! I will definitely be buying the "Art of Book" as well :)

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