Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Final Major Project- Sculpting Body

So the next step I did was to sculpt on top of the armature that i prepped so that I can make a plaster mold from it, which then can create a silicon cast of the body.

For sculpting I used Plastiline, medium which I have used once before but the hard one on a previous project, it was a nice material to work with and solid to shape once left for a little while. 

above and below are the procceses past roughing out the shape for the legs and which I have smoothed and then added detail.

Once I was happy with the legs I moved onto the upper torso, below are some progression shots.
I used normal model tools from metal wax tools to wooden ones.

Lastly here is a photo just before finishing up my sculpt for molding, after this I added more clay to the soles of the feet so to cover the foot plates. 

I was fairly happy with my sculpting because it is one of my favourites parts of model making, I just wish I was better with armatures to work over.

For my next post I hope to show some of my mold making process :)

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