Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Company Research- Part 4

My forth company which helps inspire me is called Factory Transmedia, it is a company that develops children's television programmes using a range of modern media methods such as Stop motion, 2D, CG and even VFX! 

Based in Manchester they have contributed to many different children's tv programmes such as Raa Raa the noisy lion, Muddle Earth, Strange hill High and one of my old favourites Post man pat. Factory Transmedia work very closely with Mackinnon and Saunders for puppet fabrication on their shows, they have a great working relationship with them and they both contribute to children's entertainment.

I will be honest and say that this is not a company I have known for years and it is one which I know a lot about BUT I can say it is a company that I have been really interested in since finding out about it a year ago!

Looking through Factory Transmedia's website and seeing the bold coloured characters, mixed media and professional finish to them their style is definitely my kind of company!
The simplicity of the designs are so flued and the way they have been brought to life through traditional puppetry, models or even 2D is fantastic! It is a refined style I haven't seen from any other television devoted company, it goes to show how much they care about the quality of their work.

Factory Transmedia is a company to be reckoned with and by earning themselves a lot of awards while at the same time giving back to the industry as well as along with Mackinnon and Saunders are giving new life to the clangers while also bringing a new show into the mix for 2016.....

I am really excited to see what this show will look like because it is going to be in stop motion! so the style and media they will be using is something I can not predict, but I am sure I will love it!

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