Monday, 13 April 2015

Company Research- Part 2

For my second company I have chosen another one of the UK's largest Stop motion production companies......

Now Aardman is one of "THEE" biggest names known internationally for its contribution to the Industry, their great reputation within film and advertising has earned them many nominations and winnings of awards!

The creators of Aardman animations are Peter Lord and David Sproxton, setting up in 1972 they have been entertaining audiences in the UK with animations for around 43 years! 

One of their first well known pieces is of Morph who is a character traditionally animated out of Clay, he was created for a children's programme called "take heart" back in 1976. Aardman have recently brought back this historic character after many years without him, showing a new generation how and why the children who watched the original loved the character and animation of it so much.

Being responsible for many of the biggest family feature films Aardman have a fantastic reputation for family entertainment, which I myself have truly loved. They have created many of my favourites to date such as Wallace and Gromit, Chicken Run, Pirates! and the newest edition Shaun the Sheep!! no doubt films I can watch continuously! 

Being masters in many different medias Aardman have a true all round crew of experienced craftsman that can make great concepts come to life brilliantly, by telling a story or watching these 3D cartoons come alive inspire me with my work each day.

They are company I wish to one day work for or even get a chance to work along side! their style, story plots and model making are of a high and professional standard which has grown more consistent and robust since its creation.

A cheeky note- Aardman have an Exhibition in Paris from NOW up until the end of August which I am most definitely putting on my list to go and see! I will also be going to the Annecy animation festival in June so I may have a chance to slip into paris to see! :D 

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