Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Company Research- Part 3

My third company choice is one which I know first hand is BRILLIANT and that is Trampires Ltd.

Being a new company in the industry I imagine it can be hard, however Trampires Ltd is a fantastic company bursting with so many experienced craft men and woman who are still raving with ambition!
Check out the crew below :)

They are taking on a mammoth of a task creating a new action-thriller feature film for audiences along with setting up a company and the creator/writer AND director of the film is Mike Mort a very multitalented individual who literally started form the bottom and is making his way further to the top with this project!

this talent pool of individuals will be smashing out a feature film called "chuck steel night of the trampires" which will be making its d├ębut in 2017!

I am so pleased to say that I was able to spend a full MONTH of work experience with everyone at Tampires Ltd. It was a real eye opener to what it will be like after I graduate in JULY! and I am SO EXCITED BY IT!

I can not tell you how much they inspired me with my work and how helpful and friendly everyone is! I learnt SO MUCH and it really is a great place which I wish to work at once I graduate (IF THEY WILL HAVE ME!) and I wish them all the luck with this film's take off (even though I don't think they'll need it) ;P

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