Sunday, 12 April 2015

Company Research- Part 1

As part of my Business module at University we have been asked to blog about some of our favourite companies which also inspire our work and who we would be thrilled to ever work for!

The first company I wish to talk about is one of the largest Stop Motion companies in the UK, Mackinnon and Saunders!

Mackinnon and Saunders is an incredible puppet making production company based near Manchester who create a range of characters from television shows to feature films. 

Having a bag full (AND MORE) worth of experience building up the animation industry for around 30 years!!!!! they have produced characters to some of my childhood favourites, such as bob the builder, Pingu and Post Man Pat. They also have a great artistic range of characters in feature films like Corpse Bride and Fantastic Mr.Fox.

Being a true artistic company they have a very large range to the making of their puppets, from breath taking and incredibly intricate armatures that have high quality silicon castings, to detailed fabricated puppets such as Fantastic Mr.Fox.

It seems like a company that enjoys the challenge which each character design brings while also incorporating there already extensive knowledge on puppet fabrication, which they have fine tuned for many many years. 

So what do I know of what they are doing at the moment? well the word is that they are apart of the re-creation to the Clangers series, which will most definitely look great! there is always people who are skeptical about re-creating old tv series, especially original stop motion ones as they have tended to be done in CG. So bringing the clangers back in all its glory will be Awesome!

Mackinnon and Saunders will always be a company I look to for inspiration and ingenuity, pushing their innovation more at each large scale production and which I hope will be again really really soon!  :D

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