Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Final Major Project- Set Design

So I am fairly amateur when it comes to set design, however I do love planning out the space and learning how it all goes together because it is really fun. 

It was also great to have experience in the art department of industry as it gave me a hands on view of the appropriate structure to a set, it really helped thinking back to how everything was measured, cut, put together and structured.

Here are the plans to the making of my manor hallway set :)

First Research, ALWAYS important!

I already had a basic idea of what I wanted to do structure why's because I had to plan it out for my storyboards, but I still worked on a little more designs for scope.

I then took my "more in mind" design and knocked up a birds eye view floor plan. 

The best initial way for me to sketch out my structure for the set was using google sketchup, mainly because it is less costly then building before knowing what I need at this stage.

Next I took my floor plan and planned out my dimensions with a measuring tape, puppet cut out and everything it was a little nerve racking! :P 

I also added 1/8th scaled measurements to the plan because SPOLIER ALERT I did a scale model out of foam board which I will be posting about next.

I took my initial walls and did my initial concepts for them which are basic furnishings and wall decor.

I then did some colour variations and decided that the deep sea colour was a really nice contrast.


And Finally a Props page listing what actually needs to be put into the set.

Hope you enjoyed, follow up coming soon! 10 days till deadline! (not panicing at all) :D

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Final Major Project- Concept Sheets

Here is the process to my Character concept development which I had not yet polished off or posted before showing some of my armature build.

The story is based around a young woman sophia living in the late victorian era in her large abbey family home.

 To start with I did some research which is very important! looking into woman of upper class in the late 1890's, I also looked into films based around the time as this could give me a better idea of style.

Then I looked into female puppets of animation concept design which I felt influenced my concepts.

I did some quick initial designs of what I thought the character could look like, trying to portray her personality as much as possible.
Below is also some action poses for the character with actions of her day to day life. 

Refining the character more from the initial designs I went onto an expression sheet which will help to give me an idea for when I do replacement faces.

Moving onto costume development I drew out her simple shape and printed copies so that I could draw on top of them with different designs, making sure to look back at my research.

Then I finally get into some colour! Once I had a idea of costume I picked two that I preferred and began to block colour them with different swatches.