Sunday, 5 April 2015

Third Year Final Brief- Collaboration- Puppet 2

Following from my last post, this post is of the second puppet that I made for my collaboration side of my brief, which is for my friend Jason's final year Film! :)

The Character is of a Knight that is a ghost :O it is going to look really cool when animated as its floating around the manor! 

As always I started with making a to scale armature plan, and built up the armature using simple K&S and wire

Like the werewolf mummy character I again used silver solder to secure the rigging points and pieces of the K&S together. Then I used milliput to make it more secure and sturdy.

Once the armature had been fully constructed I started work on bulking out and shaping the body, using a combination of first balsa and then milliput I shaped each of the pieces using a lot of sandpaper. then 1 arm, 1 leg and 1 head core was created.

I also started to use the same method on the main body over the armature.

Using a combination of Sculpey and Super Sculpey firm (approx 30:70 ratio) I began to sculpt the actual armour on top of the pieces and then using methods of both dry and wet sandpaper to smooth them out.

 Same method was done again to the main body of the character.

Once all the sculpts were the right shape and smooth enough, I prepared them to be cast in silicon to create a mold. For the pouring spout I used the tip of a biro which I cut off and attached to both the sculpt (very gently, but secure) then to the foamboard and it was actually fairly sturdy. 

Sturdy enough for me to paint on a layer of silicon that is, which I left to dry over night before pouring in the rest. This is to help prevent air bubbles as much as possible, and have a more accurate casting.

I created 3 silicon mold's to be used to resin cast the parts of the character that are symmetrical, such as the arms and legs and head which needs to be in 2 different positions.  

Once cast I used Sculpey/firm to sculpt on the vizor for the helmet one being up and the other down, this is due to the characters helmet changing in two different scenes. I used a heat gun to bake the sculpey as you shouldn't really heat up resin in an oven because it could damage it, so a heat gun is more advised.

This is what the character looked like all together at this particular stage :)

Next I needed to make the large shoulder plates, the original method didn't go to plan due to the material going 'Missing' in University so I improvised :)

I made a wire frame, mod rocked on top, then milliput which once dry I sanded into shape and added a layer of Sculpey/Firm to make the detail. 

To finish it off I used wet and dry sandpaper to make it baby smooth. 

I originally did this method twice due to the first being to big for the character, it set me back slightly but it was worth it :)

I made a simple armature to sculpt the hands on top of, they didn't need to be very intricate because the knight mainly holds his prop, so I sculpted and made a plaster mold of the hands ready to be silicon cast. 
Through many try's (around 4) I ended up with my final good cast hands, originally they were going to have magnets within them however I believe they were the reason it kept going wrong in the mold.

Once all was cast and sanded I began to paint the armour which I started off by using a Grey Primer, I think it would have been best with black due to its colour palette however I didn't have Black :/ 

2-3 coats later I ended up with having a nice even layer.

Also to the left of the Character you can see his little axe prop that I made from M3 rod, Milliput and Resin.

So Begins the process of painting this awesome Character and where I will leave this post for today. I will do a Final post of both Characters and there Final look soon :)


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