Monday, 10 March 2014

Armature Building!!!!

So to start off my new Production brief at university i wanted start with the making of my character Billy :)
So to make my puppet i need a armature made from a few key materials such as aluminium wire, copper wire, k&s, heat shrink and epoxy glue, so here is a set amount of pictures from different stages of building Billy.

So from my armature plan i started by having 2 types of k&s that can slot into one another. Then from my plan i cut each one to the desired size using a hacksaw and vice, using various files made them smoother to allow them to slot together once again. 

once the k&s was cut i then twisted 2 different amounts of wire, either 1 1.5mm aluminium wire with 1 copper wire or 2 1.5mm aluminium wire with a copper wire, these were different depending on the body part. I used thinner twisted wire for the arms and legs as this makes them easier animate than the spine and neck. 

to keep the torso and chest pieces of k&s together i used 2pence pieces which i cut and filed to the desired shape and size. this helps support the strained points in the armature when glued to hold them together a lot better. 

once i have cut the desired amount of wire for the limbs, i used heat shrink tubing on he exposed parts of wire outside of where the k&s will be. this also helps to hold the wire together a lot better when it is being animated.

after the heat shrink i had all the components ready to be glued together using epoxy glue. Once all glue had been applied both inside the k&s and to the wire i left it for several minutes to dry. once dried i did have to again cut down the arms and feet k&s as i had made them to long, this was easy to do as i then filed them down to become smooth. 

Unfortunately i didn't snap a picture of the entire armature at this end stage of glueing, however more full pictures will come in newer posts :)

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