Saturday, 1 March 2014

2nd Year Project- Production of Set

At the same time I was creating my set for the puppet to be animated in. Here are photos of my progress along with the details of materials I used.

Using furniture foam i cut and shaped it to the desired size of the mattress

once foam was cut i then measure out the desired fabric to be pinned to the fitted shape of the mattress. I then used UHU glue to stick the fabric to the foam, careful not to use to much as it could soak through the fabric. 

Using my desired bedding fabric i again used pins along with wire and UHU glue to create a pillow and duvet. There is a wire frame in the duvet for it to be able to be animated.

Finished puppet with pupils.

Finished puppet in-situ of set

Using arcylic paints, i painted the background MDF to be of a night sky with some clouds. Once I was satisfied with the paint work and it had dried, I used a drill to drill small holes into the board. This was so that i could poke through fairy lights and fist them to the back of the set, i had purchased the lights already. when turned on the create a star light affect which i really wanted to pull off the set. 

Finished set with puppet.

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