Monday, 27 January 2014

1st year Four legged and Bird project

During first year there was a project to do with the area of Four legged animals and Birds animating or designing.

For animators they had to choose a animal and bird to use and then obviously animate through 2D or Stop motion animation.

For the ones who chose to do concept work we had to characterise a animal and bird that would work well together and complement each others features. as I was stop motion doing concept design once I finished my final character design and turnarounds I had to make a sculpt of both characters which are identical to my final designs.

When making my sculpts i used MDF wood as a base, Wire as a skeleton for support, styrofoam for padding out, masking tape, plasticine to sculpt with, primer acrylic spray and acrylic paints. (i carn't seem to find the photos of my process however I do have my finished sculpt pictures) also excuse some of the miss spelling on the pages, don't know what I was doing.


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