Monday, 27 January 2014

1st Year Final Major

My Final major project in 1st year could have been based around anything, so naturally I had no idea what I wanted to do. From the brief I had to produce a full functioning puppet with replacement mouths, a full set of the characters environment and any props.

I decided I wanted to create a maid who cleans up after her master, who is a crazy inventor/scientist and is very messy. The era is very modern victorian, this style lead me to what is call steampunk fashion. I really loved this theme for the character and it sat really well with the look i was going for.

So here are pictures of all my preproduction and photo sheets of my finished production of the puppet and set, all except for research as there are a lot of various photos from online and I am not sure about the posting of them police just yet........ :D

This was the first actual puppet I have ever made so it was quite trial and error. Hope you like it :)

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