Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Glammies 2013!!!!

SO between June-July last year we had our final year showcase the GLAMMIES!

Every year it is the 1st years job to do all the types of adverts and nominees gimmicks for the show, This years theme was WESTERN. So they all had to be based around cowboys, saloons etc.

This was a great time to do collaboration work, so the dream team was formed from 2D concept artists, Stop motion modellers and animators. It was to be produced in stop motion animation had to be completed within 3 weeks with around 30 seconds of animation.

My job within this team was to work along side my partner in crime HANNAH GRIFFITHS to build the set and puppets from the 2D concept artists designs and then give them to the animators to animate :)

So here is our final video for the GLAMMIES introducing best stop motion animation. Along with a few "behind the scene" snaps of the build,  our main inspiration came from creature comforts as we really wanted that style to be pulled off with plasticine:)

Animated by the cunning LAURA JONES & HANNAH EVANS

When it came to the Build we both took one character to each to make out of plasticine, then when they were done and given to animators to play with we both built the set piece by piece.

So the character I was building was the Buffalo, built on MDF board, wire, styrofoam masking tape, fimo then finally plasticine :)

I also made the out house out of balsa wood glued together, water colour, soldering iron to burn and string

bit of banter in the modelling room :P

Final set, all props made by the modellers, background painted by our lovely 2D concept artist Ellen and strategically layed out set by Robyn :D

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