Saturday, 14 March 2015

Project Development Continued!

For this post I want to blog my construction sheets for my previous project and then I will be posting a video of turnarounds from this project :)

to start with I constructed the Armature and worked into padding that out, details are below.....

I then fabricated both the body with fabric and constructed, sculpted and baked the hands.


Once baked I painted, added detail and distressed the fabric and puppet then moved onto my bases'

While constructing the base I used materials such as dowel and wire for structure and began detailing the terrain with polyfilla.

I used a range of mixed media to construct both bases and give them as close the the designs appearance as possible, please read images carefully for full information :) (sorry for bad grammer) 

sets continued along with one or two props, 

Final Images! :D

Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it was informative to the processes I used for this Project. I thought it would be a lot easier to post the jpegs of my process rather than blogging them individually, I had to hand in how I did it anyways :) 

ALSO I will be posting my Final Video Turnaround which I did for this Project NEXT! 

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