Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Building My Set


So in this post im going to show how i made the house set for my project. Not sure if i took pictures of everything but do have alot of them...... 

Started by mapping out the plan onto a MDF board which will be my base. 

Couple photos later i measured out, cut and sanded the shell of the house out of hardwood because it is thin, slightly flexi and smooth on one side so it is good to work on top of. I then positioned the windows and doors onto the house.

Once i had the sizes set i cut them out of mount board and used thin strips of balsa wood i built the window frames on top of it. I then painted the "glass" green for it to be potentially green screened. 

I proceeded to build up the terrace using more MDF, balsa wood and wooden dowel. 

Making the Tree for the garden i used thin Aluminium wire to form the skeleton.

From looking at my initial plans for the set it has 3 sections, the main house, the side extension and the terrace. each one had no back and was able to be screwed into the main MDF base, helping for transport and easily removed and reapplied in the same place. 

For the roofing tiles i used mount board as the base which were strips that were sized for each section, then using polyfiller i sculpted each tile which i layed up on top of each other.

This is what was fairly complicated, I made it more so than it should have been! I traced and marked out the sections of the cladding so that i could label them once cut and have them in the right order. 

Using both mount board and balsa wood I built the fencing.

For the grass I used green flannel which i measured and cut out. 

for the cladding i tried both cartridge paper and water colour paper as i didn't want something as thin as plain paper or card.  I then used the printer to print out the desired colours, used the tracing and cut each one out. 

I then also painted the shell of the house black to fill in the gaps between the cladding. 

Using polyfiller i made the stone work by sculpting it for the terrace. 

For the Tree i used woodfiller because it was a thicker material to work with, working fast i sculpted on top of the wire armature to form bark. left over night to dry i painted it the next day. 

Also i used White Acrylic paint for the fencing, gave it about 2-3 coats.  

Also at the same time i painted the roofing tiles with Acrylic paint. 

For the leaves i used sponge to pad it out and bought autumn leave material from a model shop and used it to layer the tree. To make it all stick together i used Uhu and spray mount. 

For the pavement i used A mix of PVA glue and rock garnets which i left to dry. 

this was the set at a certain stage of the build.

For the curb i sized and cut out balsa wood, which i then used woodfiller to fix them on and smooth them out and give texture. 

Once all dry i went ahead to paint them with Acrylic. 

for the cladding i had a few issues sticking it to the house, i initially tried spray mount but they kept falling off. so i had to individually paint them with PVA glue, however it was very difficult to keep the front undamaged which became time consuming. 

to attach the tree to the base i used epoxy glue, which i covered up with a mixture of polyfiller and gravel. 

Image of house at certain stage.

Last image to show is of the Ant hill i put in the garden! :P 

Photos of the finished set coming later!!!!! 

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