Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Making the Head- Part 2- Casting

Once the "Master" replacement face was finished i started to prop it up with a funnel, to help pour the resin into once the mold is made.

I then used Silicon mold resin to make the mold, mixing the ratio correctly i brushed a layer onto the sculpt. I then boxed in the face and began to pour in the rest of the silicon. 

SO A COUPLE STAGES LATER!!! (sorry I forgot to take photos) whilst the silicon mold was setting i did realise a fault! which was that the silicon would go inbetweenthe eye sockets! SO to fix it i amateurly cut the section of where the silicon sections connected. Once that was fixed i went ahead and used some fast cast resin to make several master faces, EXCITING!!!!! 

Moving onto sculpting the facial expressions!
due to health and safety restrictions/lack of knowledge/time it was decided along with my tutor instead of using super sculpey i tried milliput to sculpt the faces. I found it challenging however not as bad as i originally thought and it was really messy! 
Then i left it over night to dry.


Once i made one, i began cracking on with the others!!!!

Faces only a mother would love :P

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