Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Fabricating a ONSIE!!!!!!!

Simple as it goes i had to make a ONSIE!!!! :D so i started by making a pattern by taking clingfilm and wrapping it around the padding of the puppet, then using masking tape i wrapped that on top. Taking a pen i then marked out the seams.

The material i used was polar fleece, ITS REALLY NICE!!! and its good because it tends to hide the seams so thats a +,  also i used the hair thin invisible thread. :D 

I actually made 3 Onsies until i final got the right one :) 

Heres the last picture i took of the making of the onsie, i don't have a photo with the cuffs and colar on except the final. BUT it does have a zip!! 

Be back soon! :D 

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