Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Making the Head- Part 1

So it has been a very long time since I've blogged!!!! mostly due to me hitting SERIOUS MODE and eat, sleep and breath model making. So from here on out all my posts will be blogged recent, however they have been on going since my last update of the collaboration :D

As Mario Says "HERE WE GGGOOOOOO!!!!" 

I found the build of the head very challenging, mainly due to the process which i felt would be best to give me a great finish for the replacement mouths.
I really want to say a big THANKS!! as I am really grateful for the huge help given to me from the 3rd year stop mo students! 
Especially with this process, i also really had a lot of help from looking at amazing work on blogs such as Nathan Flynn, Joshua Flynn there work encouraged me to do this process!

BUT THE EVEN BIGGER THANKS is to Sean Gregory! (check out his work it is AWESOME) he helped massively with many of my mess ups, ESPECIALLY SILICON! and it was really good to talk to someone about tackling various processes in different ways :) 

Once I made the Armature I started making the core for the head. I first made the eye sockets out of super sculpey firm then built up the head in light weight material-balsa wood.  

I then used a dremel tool to smooth out the balsa to give it a simple shape. 

I then Applied more super sculpey to the core to "secure it" and build the ridge around the head for the detachable face.  

After adding a thick ridge for the face and given a basic shape to the head i put the beads for eyes back in and did a thin layer of milliput. 

Once i smoothed it down i left it to dry over night to make sure to be solid. 

I then started to sculpt the face on top of the milliput with super sculpey, making sure to leave out the bottom teeth as i would be sculpting on top of it later.  

So thats enough of Part 1, on to part 2!!!!!! :D

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