Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Making the Head- Part 3

KKKK So now i have all my faces sculpted and dried i began to spray paint them.

From here i used a White Acrylic spray paint.

 Then after i added the skin spray and hand painted the mouths i wasn't happy, because the lines were still visible. So i had to use some lighter fluid to strip off sections of the paint.

HOWEVER DISASTER! the paint was too thick on the faces MAINLY BECAUSE SILLY MEE!!!! i used a White acrylic spray and not a PRIMER!!!! so i had to spend 2 days stripping the paint off using lighter fluid on all my faces :( 


so from here its the same progress as before but i correctly used the primer instead of White acrylic paint. (forgot photos again) but i also kept coming across the skin spray coming out grainy on the faces. So this was mostly due to me NOT having a controlled environment to spray in. Having to spray outside where the whether was cold made the spray unpredictable but HEEEEYYYHHOOOOO move one! 

Next was spraying the core head with the spray paint to match. 

I then used acrylic paint and a sponge to do the hair.

SO HERE IT IS!!!! my finished faces along with pupils for the eyes which i did on photoshop, scaled and printed out then glued on :) 

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