Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Casting Hands & Feet

Here is a post of the process i took to casting a 2 part mold for the hands and feet of my puppet so that i could use them for a silicon mold.

I used Super Sculpey to sculpt the hands an feet over the armature, an i used processes such as baby oil and powder to soften and smooth the clay. they turned out nicer than i thought :)

I then mixed some plasticine to clay up the mold.  

I used foam board to box it out then the process of vaselining up so the plaster doesn't stick to the sides of the box.

Once one half had been set I applied extra keys to the mold, to help limit the waste of silicon later (or so I'm told)

Here are the feet I sculptted along with the same 2 part mold process as the hands. 

So thats it for the Casting :) 

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