Wednesday, 3 September 2014


To add to my Collaboration I did some more props for another student to go with her animation showreel- Laura Jones :3

All i needed to do was make a table and boxes with records for her characters to interact with. 

To make the boxes i used normal cardboard a glue gun then used acrylic paint to paint them.

I made the table out of balsa wood which i measured and cut, the main thing she wanted was to have something coverings the front of the table so you carnt see the lower half of the puppets. Using PVA wood glue to put it all together, once dried i painted it with acrylic paint. 

For the records in the boxes i used a mix of cardboard and mount board cut all the same. 

There is a part in the animation where one was getting picked up so i wanted to put a cover on it. Going above and beyond i found out which song that is sang in the animation so found the band then the song which took sometime. BUT I found the cover so went on photoshop where i scaled it down, printed, cut and stuck it on 3 records (just incase) :)

She was happy thank god! sooooooooooo moving on! :D 

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