Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Collaboration :D

Adding to my Collaboration I made a puppet for the lovely Hannah Griffiths and her film "Biddy And Bunny Adventures"

The puppet I was making was of the polar bear "Peter" :)

I started by making the base which was of MDF with a armature coming from the base, because he was technically only a head and arm they were detachable with K&S fixtures from the main skeleton. Using balsa wood i carved and sanded the main shape of the two pieces.

I then made a pattern for the fabric so i could cut, stitch and glue it all together myself. I also put wire through the claws so that they could be animated.

Here is a Screenshot of the finished puppet on set :) 

It was really nice to work on another persons work other than my own, because i was luckily enough to get the reassurance of it being what it should be :)

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